On The Road Productions

Founded by veteran Producer/Line producer Dileep Singh Rathore, since 1996 our work ethic and service has earned the trust of Hollywood studios, international filmmakers and production companies. Our team is based between Mumbai, Jaipur, Los Angeles, and Rome. This enables us to better understand your project requirements and to deliver the best location and budgetary solutions for your production in India.

We understand the challenges and risks of shooting abroad and the added complexity and diversity of shooting in India and South Asia. We have years of experience and we are there to guide, share and support you at every stage. While there is no question India offers a wealth of opportunities to filmmakers, the challenges that face productions can prove daunting, even to the most experienced producer. On The Road will help mitigate many of these challenges with honesty, integrity and transparency.


On the Road India Productions team is based between Mumbai, Jaipur, Los Angeles and Rome. This enables us to better understand your project requirements.

We always deliver the best location and budgetary solutions for your production in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

Dileep Singh Rathore

Dileep is highly regarded as a Producer and production expert in the Indian and South Asian region with over 30 years of International filmmaking experience handling international feature projects, award-winning documentaries, commercials, and high-end still project around the world.

Having worked on projects for the major studios such as Warner Bros Pictures, Paramount Studios, Apple and Walt Disney, his expertise has lead him to be invited to speak on leading industry seminars and panels, including the AFM, Los Angeles; the Location Expo, Santa Monica, California; Goa Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles and was invited to represent the industry for the US-India Commercial Dialogue hosted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry & the US Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade and Screen Producers’ Association of Australia (SPAA) among others.

Dileep’s experience as a Producer and Line Producer extends throughout Asia, Russia, France, Germany, and USA. Born and raised in Rajasthan, India, Dileep has a Master of Arts and he divides his time between Los Angeles, Europe, Mumbai, and Jaipur. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Rajasthani.

John Garland

John Garland has produced film in over 50 different countries around the world and is considered an expert on international production.

Currently based in New York Garland’s career has spanned producing world renowned advertising films like the classic piece for British Airways called “Face” that used over 6000 people on camera to form massive human renderings of a face filmed from the air to International features like; Luc Besson’s hit movie “Leon” (Released in the US as “The Professional”) Starring Natalie Portman in her first film plus Gary Oldman and Jean Reno.

John has also owned and run commercials production companies in the UK, Australia and New York – as well as having served as Head of production for iconic NY-based Ad Agencies like J.Walter Thompson, Wells, Rich Green and TBWA Chiat/Day.

Garland’s most recent post was as COO of JWT New York before setting up as an independent consultant advising many corporations like Chrysler, Kraft, Pepsico, Emirates Airlines, P&G on best practices for filming around the world.

Garland now brings this experience to bear on client relations for OTR Productions, India – where he has travelled and filmed many times.

Dushyant Singh Rathore

Dushyant Singh Rathore is a film professional with an experience of over 15 years in the industry. He specializes in international and Indian production filming in India and South Asia. His work requires to travel intensively around the country and the experience helps to overcome challenges in organization and ensure effective functioning of film production. The success of each project is as gratifying as his first and he looks forward to opportunities that will help learn and execute skills in his best capacity. He enjoys the positive outcomes as much as the demanding nature of filming across a multitude of locations with production needs.

India is an incredibly diverse filming location, given the cultural mass of each state. His experience in different film production departments has equipped him with the expertise to bridge that gap and help realize the vision of the story that the filmmakers wish to tell. Dushyant is fluent in English, Hindi & Rajasthani. He has worked on projects like Tenet, Aquaman, Batman – The dark night rises, The Way Back, London has Fallen, and many more.

Vans Pradeep Singh

Vans Pradeep Singh is a Production/Location Manager at On The Road India. Born and raised in Rajasthan, VP Singh has over 30 years of production experience as location and production manager on Feature Films, Documentaries, and many commercials throughout India.

VP’s vast experience on international productions like Dark Night Rises, Tenet, The way back, and London Has Fallen among others and his understanding of the demands of foreign productions, delivering work conditions that are efficient and safe on location has made him one of the best location managers in the country. VP is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is fluent in English, Hindi, and Rajasthani.

Robin Melville

Robin is a highly regarded location/production manager with years of experience working on Hollywood and European features and commercial projects shooting in Europe and India. Having his base in Rome has enabled him to better service European projects with an understanding of their expectations and requirements. His unique Scottish Indian heritage has helped him span both industries. Robin is fluent in English, Hindi, Rajasthani and Italian.

India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, & Maldives

With incredible biodiversity and unparalleled topography. The hot deserts of Rajasthan, the cold desert of Ladakh (known as moon land), tropical rain forests of Kerala and Assam, the snow peaks of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. India is several countries in one. And in filming terms can double as such.

The local population made up of several ethnicities also makes Indians a very diverse looking people. The one common thread running through the entire nation is the warm welcome and the hospitality that the people of India offer.

Atithi Devo Bhava – The Guest is God is a concept as old as the Upanishad’s itself, which is where it comes from. It is something that is ingrained in the culture and part of any experience in India.


Advertising, Commercial, Still Shoots and Hollywood Feature Films. On The Road helps mitigate many challenges with honesty, integrity and transparency.